July 27, 2010

Junior Volunteers

As I said in my last post, I often wind up writing a song for a special occasion. Several years ago, my library asked us to perform at the annual summer ice cream party for the Junior Volunteers. We were happy to oblige, and I thought it might be nice to write a song just for the event. When I asked the volunteer coordinator to tell me more about the junior volunteers, I was soon grinning and scribbling away with my pencil as she listed off things like windexing sticky books, cutting out nametags, putting out the little pencils and slips of paper by each computer. And their time commitment, for me, was the cherry on top: one hour a week. Oh yes, I was going to enjoy writing this anthem. Here is the song that resulted:

Junior Volunteers

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One Response to “Junior Volunteers”

  1. gbkgwyneth says:

    Now that one, well, I love it!!! (But is it 409 or Windex that is the tool of the trade? :)

    I tried to see if Camille (age 11) could volunteer at the library and was told she is too young !! What a disappointment. I loved shelf-reading as a kid :)

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